Withdraw USDT From Blockchain

Are you a crypto user? Do you have all types of cryptos in your blockchain account? Well! You should withdraw the specific crypto whenever you reach your target profit or it is required. USDT is the third largest cryptocurrency in the world, with a huge market cap. It belongs to the class of cryptocurrencies called stablecoins.As it is less volatile, crypto users do not worry about liquidity. It helps you enjoy tons of benefits. But, in some cases, users need to withdraw usdt from the blockchain to spend them for various purposes.

When withdrawing USDT from the blockchain, making a small mistake brings unwanted troubles. Sometimes, it also makes you lose your funds. If you do not wish to take risks when withdrawing USDT from your blockchain account, you must be aware of the steps to perform USDT withdrawal. Read this blog until the end to get enough understanding of withdrawing USDT and !

Steps To Withdraw USDT From Blockchain Account

You can buy, sell, and hold the cryptocurrencies you want and through your blockchain account. Since the blockchain account balance is custodial, you need not worry about anything .

Instead, you can do whatever you want and enjoy the comfort benefits of your spending on cryptocurrencies. If you want to withdraw USDT (stablecoins), here are the step-by-step instructions on how to withdraw usdt from the blockchain.

How To Withdraw USDT From Blockchain Account On The Web?

Withdraw USDT From Blockchain Account On The Web

When you attempt to withdraw USDT from your blockchain account on the web, you can use these steps. It helps you to get the required USDT immediately and enjoys unlimited benefits.

  1. Choose to send at the top of the wallet dashboard to withdraw USDT using your blockchain web wallet.
  2. Tab on the dropdown menu and select the cryptocurrency you wish to send from your account.
  3. Press on the “From” dropdown menu and choose your trading account
  4. Choose your DeFi wallet or exchange account, or enter the crypto address to which you wish to send funds in the “To” field.
  5. It is time to input the amount and tab on continue to start the withdrawal process.
  6. Before clicking send, double-check the transaction details before the process is irreversible.
  7. As soon as the withdrawal transaction is processed, sent, and confirmed on the blockchain, crypto like USDT will become available in your DeFi wallet or at your inputted external address.

That’s it! You have now withdrawn the USDT as per your needs and enjoy its benefits to the core.

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How To Withdraw From Blockchain Account On Mobile?

Withdraw From Blockchain Account On Mobile

The above section explains how to withdraw USDT from your blockchain account on the web. If you use a mobile to perform this transaction, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below.

  1. At first, you need to switch from a DeFi wallet to a blockchain account at the top (only if it is necessary)
  2. Tab “…” on the right and then select send
  3. Now, it is time to pick the crypto you wish to send. In this aspect, you must choose USDT from the list.
  4. Next, choose your exchange account, DeFi wallet, or enter the crypto address you like to send funds to.
  5. After selecting next, you should enter the amount of USDT you want to send
  6. Press preview send and then confirm to check and finalize the transaction to avoid issues

Never run your emotions into making a decision because crypto transactions are irreversible. Before clicking confirm or send button, you should go through all the elements. Or else you will regret your decision lifelong.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Blockchain?

Pros And Cons Of Blockchain


Your blockchain account renders you more power and lets you perform vital functions whenever required. The blockchain platform renders the space to store, sell and buy crypto for cash. Additionally, you can swap to and from your blockchain account balance. Apart from assuring faster settlements, it reduces and eliminates network fees.

Your De-Fi wallet gives you the advantages of holding your crypto secure and retaining complete control of your private keys. These crypto transactions are not subject to fee volatility, crypto network congestion, or delays in confirmation. Blockchain.com is a reliable crypto exchange supporting 40 cryptocurrencies and 75 trading pairs.

Apart from USDT, you can buy and sell bitcoin, ether, Dogecoin, USDC, bitcoin cash, and much more. It also supports three various fiat currencies; thus, getting money for your cryptos becomes easier. The interfaces make it easier to perform crypto transactions and enjoy the best services.


When you withdraw usdt from the blockchain, you may not confront any troubles until you follow the steps mentioned above. But, the blockchain account charges a commission for withdrawing cryptos and funds. You must check out those details beforehand. Otherwise, there is nothing to worry about.


Blockchain.com is a popular and reliable crypto wallet and exchange service provider. It has been operating in many countries and assuring the best service for crypto users. If lets users purchase, trade, and store around 40 digital assets. It includes the major crypto and stablecoins such as Bitcoin, tether UST, and Ethereum.

The platform renders the standard fees for all transactions. But, compared to other exchanges, those fees are lower and affordable too. The platform is more popular because of its friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. Whenever you want to withdraw cryptos and stablecoins from this platform, you must go through and use the abovementioned steps.

It renders you enough understanding of how to withdraw usdt from the blockchain. So, without any difficulty, you can withdraw the required USDT from your blockchain account. After that, you can use that stablecoin to fulfill your needs. As said earlier, you must pay attention to the transaction details and fee before confirming the crypto transaction. If you still have any doubts, feel free to contact Blockchain Customer Support Advisor and get the necessary support service.