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What Is Coincloud Bitcoin ATM Machine?

The world is currently going towards cryptocurrency because digital currency has become a vital asset. Because of the increasing demand and popularity, many people want to purchase the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and much more. Unlike before, you do not require to reach the crypto exchange to make the transaction. You can now use the cryptocurrency ATM to quickly buy and sell crypto coins. At present, Coincloud ATM is highly accessed by crypto users. If you want to get your queries resolved simply contact on this Toll Free Number.

It is similar to the bitcoin ATM, but it does many things beyond the regular crypto ATMs. This kiosk lets the users purchase and sell the cryptocurrency of their choice straight on the machine with cash. You can consider the ATM as the currency exchange kiosk. It renders ultimate power and flexibility to go from fiat to digital currency and vice versa. As said earlier, Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATM is one of the majorly used cryptocurrency ATMs for buying and selling bitcoin.

Even though many types of cryptocurrencies are in use now, bitcoin is beneficial and valuable. The value of bitcoin has been sky-rocketing in recent times. The money you invest in this coin will give you tons of profits in the future. So, when you decide to buy the bitcoin, you have to look for the bitcoin ATM in your nearby location. It helps you to complete the transaction without confronting hassles.

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Before getting into the topic, it is necessary to know major information about the Coin Cloud. It is the popular bitcoin ATM Company headquartered in Las Vegas. This brand has located its ATM in more than 650 locations nationwide. It has one of the fastest and largest growing networks of two-way bitcoin ATMs throughout the world. Yes! This ATM lets you sell and purchase bitcoin as per your requirements. 

So far, the Coin Cloud network has helped over 144000 customers to purchase and sell cryptocurrency. The company started its service in 2004. If you want to find the CoinCloud ATM Near me, you can visit the website at So, you will find and access the reliable bitcoin ATM quickly. 

How To Find a Coin Cloud ATM?


There are so many places in the USA where you can find a coincloud ATM. There are more than 12000 ATMs available in the USA, Where you can find a crypto ATM and do transactions. If you want to find a ATM machine near your location, Then you need to follow some steps so, that you can find an ATM near your location very easily.


Steps To Follow:-

  1. First, you need to open your map and search for the nearest coincloud ATM, Then you’ll be able to check how many ATMs are near to your location.

  2. While finding the nearest ATM to your location make sure that the ATM which you’ve found is licensed and legal. As there are many ATMs who don’t have licenses.

  3. Along with it, if you don’t want to find a ATM through Google map, Then you can visit a retail store, shop, restaurant, mall, or airport near to your place. You’ll definitely find a crypto ATM and you can do transactions hassle-free.

These are some places where you can find a ATM and you can easily find an ATM. As there are many ATMs near your place, you don’t need to do any hassle to find them.

How do We Use Coin Cloud ATM Machine?

  • You have to create an account to purchase the bitcoin in the coincloud atm to get started. Ensure you have a mobile number and cash.
  • Once you enter the mobile number, you will get the verification text message.
  • It is just for verifying your identity. So, when you do it correctly, you can complete the transaction easily.
  • Your account will be called unverified if you access only your phone number. In this case, you get the lifetime transaction limit of $100 – $1999.
  • Verifying your account will maximize your daily and lifetime transaction limits. It gives you the limit of $2999/transaction and $10000/day. It also renders no lifetime limit, so you can trade the bitcoin as much as you want. 
  • Scanning your valid ID proof and taking a photo of yourself at the machine is enough to verify your account. Coin Cloud has designed the whole process straightforward and easier to process. 
  • It allows the users to exchange a single type of currency for another without getting into the hassle of setting up the account and waiting longer for completing the transactions.
What are the Features of Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATM?

The coincloud atm is more than the bitcoin ATMs due to the following great features. 

User-friendly touch screen Like your mobile, Bitcoin ATMs have touchscreen interfaces. So, you are no longer worrying about accessing the buttons because it does not work properly many times. This touchscreen interface is easier to use and navigate for all users. 

In the modern age, many viruses are spreading throughout the world. So, keeping yourself safe is mandatory. This machine is extremely easier to clean, and thus you will not think much about accessing this ATM.

  • Bill dispenser

Did you know that only 20% of the bitcoin ATMs have the bill dispenser? Coin Cloud ATM is one among them. It lets you cash out the bitcoin any time you wish. So, you will buy and sell whenever you want. This ATM has many advance and innovative features. It makes your bitcoin buying and selling experience worthy. 

  • Presence of a multi-function camera

Every atm machine has a camera, which performs two important things: taking your picture and scanning your mobile coin cloud wallet QR code. You must need a wallet to perform the bitcoin ATM to buy or sell the cryptocurrencies because it acts as the storage place to keep your coins safe. 

The availability of the multi-function camera on the machine maximizes your security. It minimizes the chance of stealing your ID and helps you interact with the machine easily. It also eradicates the need to find the code scanner. Hold your mobile near the camera. Within a few seconds, the high-quality camera will find the code automatically.

  • Companion app

This feature is available in almost all the large bitcoin ATMs. Many bitcoin ATM companies have their app. Similarly, Coin Cloud has the Coin Cloud wallet app, making purchasing and selling at this machine much easier and quicker. You should get this wallet before starting your transaction. 

With the Coin Cloud machine, you can use any mobile wallet as per your needs. It does not restrict you regarding this. But, accessing the Coin Cloud Wallet makes everything goes smoother and faster. So, you will save more of your time and effort in many ways. It is especially true when you decide to sell the bitcoins on this machine.

While using this wallet, you can discover the machines easily, set up the sell transaction in advance, and reserve your cash for up to 48hours. Then, you can withdraw the money immediately. A single confirmation with both machine and wallet is enough. It takes about 10minutes for every transaction. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Coincloud charges a 1.5% fee When a client performs a transaction using a BTC wallet via the Coin Cloud app, which includes wallet-to-wallet transfers and sells completed at the Kiosk.

You can easily use the Coincloud wallet which requires no ID. The machine allows you to increase your limits quickly and easily if you need to transact more than the threshold allows. At that point, you do need to submit your ID.

If you're using a Coin Cloud, you can definitely get cash from it. 100% of Coin Cloud digital currency machines allow you to both buy and sell crypto for cash (bitcoin and 28 altcoins). But for other Bitcoin ATM operators, that's not the case.

Coincloud ATM allows users to buy and sell crypto using cash. The convenience of this method is enhanced by the fact that users do not have to link their personal banking information, thus remaining anonymous.

Transactions on the bitcoin blockchain are confirmed and processed within 10 minutes. If all is going smoothly, selling your bitcoin for cash at a Bitcoin ATM should only take 10 to 15 minutes.

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