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A Bitcoin ATM, also known as BATM, is a kiosk that allows you to purchase Bitcoins using an automated teller machine. Bi-directional functionality is available at some Bitcoin ATMs, allowing for both the purchase and sale of Bitcoin. Although they aren’t exactly the same as traditional ATMs, Bitcoin machines work in a similar way.

Bitcoin ATM allow you to insert cash or credit cards in exchange for Bitcoin. Although they look similar to traditional ATMs, they don’t connect to a bank account. Instead, they connect customers directly to a Bitcoin exchange to provide a convenient and localized way to buy Bitcoin in person. The most common locations for Bitcoin ATMs include inside a shop, tavern or restaurant. Continue reading to learn more about Bitcoin ATMs.

Bitcoin ATM Providers

ATM providers are third-party businesses that sell ATMs to merchants who want them to install one. An ATM is a great way to increase your revenue.

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In less than 5 minutes, you can create and verify your account. Online options may take several weeks to approve your account. This can often require a lengthy list of documents.

We strive to provide excellent customer support. Feel free to call or text us at (000)000-0000 or email [email protected]

Bitcoin Depot doesn’t take possession of your crypto. This makes transactions more secure and allows you to choose the crypto wallet that you prefer.




Bitcoin Depot is the easiest and fastest way to purchase and sell cryptocurrency. Bitcoin available at more than 5,000 ATMs across 45+ states in under a minute Many locations are open 24 hours.

Bitcoin Depot allows you to buy and sell dozens of cryptocurrencies!

Do not wait for your bitcoin to reach your wallet. You can instantly buy bitcoin because transactions are instantaneous.

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