Rockitcoin ATM

Rockitcoin ATM

What is Rockitcoin ATM Machine?

Currently, cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are increasing due to sky-rocketing pricing and demand. Many crypto users come forward to invest their money in cryptocurrencies. One of the best ways to buy and sell cryptocurrency is the crypto ATM. Even though different crypto ATMs are accessible on the ground, one of the trusted and reputable names in bitcoin ATMs is the rockitcoin atm.

RockItCoin ATM allows crypto users to purchase BCH (bitcoin cash), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin), and BTC (Bitcoin) with money. On the other hand, you can use this ATM to sell bitcoin and other cryptos for cash. It is up to your requirements, but you will enjoy the convenience and comfort of accessing this ATM. These things make RockItCoin ATM the fastest and most straightforward way to turn crypto into cash or cash into crypto.  

As you are a newbie to rockitcoin, are you searching for the right platform to know more about this ATM? Well! Keep reading the following action.

  • RockItCoin is the popular bitcoin ATM provider allowing people to purchase and sell over 30 cryptocurrencies. It includes Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.
  • RockItCoin offers multi-language bitcoin ATMs to help crypto users perform cryptocurrency transactions easily and quickly.
  • In a short time, crypto users can convert their cash into their desired cryptocurrencies. The company expands access to cryptocurrencies to wider audiences.
  • Get access to the rockitcoin mobile app to buy, sell, trade, transfer and store different cryptocurrencies. Since it is a digital wallet, you will obtain complete control over your coins. 

Is RockItCoin Safe to Use?

Yes! It is entirely safe to access RockItCoin because it is the trusted name in Bitcoin ATM. It uses the latest technology to protect the users’ privacy and ensures that every transaction completes accurately and quickly. If you are thinking about investing but have hesitation, you can use this ATM to fulfill your needs. It protects you from all the potential hassles and gets what you want.

How To Find A Rockitcoin ATM?


If you’re looking for a Rockitcoin ATM, Then don’t worry there are numerous ATMs Installed near your location. But might be you’re not be aware of which is the nearest ATM in your location. So, I will share some steps that can help you to find the nearest ATM.


Steps To Be Followed:-


Follow these simple steps to find the nearest ATM:-


  1. First, you need to open your google maps location and search for the nearest rockitcoin ATM, Then you’ll be able to check how many ATMs are near to your location.

  2. If you find those ATMs near your location, then check that ATMs process the transaction of all cryptos or not. If it accepts all the crypto transactions then “thumbs up”. You can go for it.

  3. Still, If you are not able to find the nearest rockitcoin ATM, Then this method will definitely help you to find rockitcoin ATMs. You can visit any retail shop, restaurants, small shop, and mall where you can find ATMs. This is the best way to find the nearest rockitcoin ATM.

How to Purchase Cryptocurrency Using Rockitcoin ATM?

After knowing in-depth about RockItCoin, do you wish to use the RockITCoin ATM to purchase the bitcoin? Well! You should follow these steps carefully. It guides you to complete the buying procedure without confronting any hassles.

Before checking the steps to buy the bitcoin, finding the best rockitcoin near me is mandatory. To do so, you can reach the official site of the RockItCoin and check the locations page to figure the nearby ATMs. It helps you to do the transaction using your cash and get the bitcoin in turn. 

RockItCoin ATMs make the cryptocurrency buying process much similar to ever before. All the transactions in this ATM are cash-based, and thus you do not require to carry a credit card. As soon as you reach the ATM, the screen will prompt the instructions that you need to do. So, following those instructions is enough to complete the purchase process.

Wait a minute! You should check whether you have the Bitcoin wallet before visiting the Rocketcoin ATM because it helps you buy the bitcoin in a trouble-free manner. Instead of searching about what kinds of wallets to use, you can go with the RockItCoinX wallet as it supports LTC, BTC, BCH, ETH, and much more. 

If you have the wallet to store the bitcoin you purchase, you can proceed with the following steps.

  • Find and visit the local RockItCoin ATM, as said earlier.
  • Touch “buy coins” on the screen and choose the amount you wish to buy. Apart from buying, RockItCoin will let you do more. You can purchase as little as $20 and as much as $9000 worth of the crypto-coins from the ATM. Ensure you choose the dollar amount of the coins you want to buy. 
  • Now, it is time to enter your phone number for verification purposes. The new users should enter the SMS code sent to their mobile to verify their identity. On the other hand, returning users input the screen PIN they created on their first visit. 
  • Pick up the cryptocurrency you want to buy. The rockitcoin atm supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. As this buying process is about bitcoin, you have to click on the bitcoin option. Note: The purchasing process of all the cryptos is the same.
  • Scan or enter your digital wallet address to which you wish to send the bitcoins. Instead of dispensing bills such as typical ATMs, RockItCoin bitcoin ATMs send your coins to the preferred digital wallet. So, it suggests scanning your wallet QR code instead of manually entry to avoid hassles. 
  • Then, check and confirm your wallet address to proceed further. Once the wallet address matches, you can press “this is my personal bitcoin wallet” on the ATM.
  • After confirming the wallet address, the screen will prompt you to insert the cash. The ATM screen will display the dollar amount you have inserted and the corresponding bitcoin amount. This amount will send to your wallet address.
  • Finally, you can click finish and take the receipt. That’s enough! 
How to Sell Bitcoin Using Rockitcoin ATM?

So far, you get to know the steps involved in buying the bitcoin using RockItCoin ATM. As the bitcoin price fluctuates, you will decide anytime to sell the bitcoins you hold in your wallet. In that time, you do not stick in the middle of the process. Thus, the steps involved in the selling method explained below.

  • Reach the nearest RockItCoin ATM and select withdraw cash 
  • Pick up the range that you would like to transact. For instance, $25-$800
  • Enter your mobile number for identity verification. Ensure you read and understand the letters highlighted in the red color. It is a vital warning you should know before continuing.
  • Now, you will ask to enter your secret PIN. After signing in, you should choose the cryptocurrency you wish to sell and the amount of money you want to withdraw.
  • The screen now displays the unique QR code that you need to scan using your digital wallet on your mobile. It auto-fills the details such as the address the coins are sending to, the exact amount of coin to send to fund the withdrawal, etc.
  • Choose the scan or send it to your digital wallet. Then, scan the QR code and confirm the transaction by a slide bar. 

If you have any doubts or queries, then reach the official site of RockItCoin. It gives enough information about the RockItCoin ATM and others. 

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