Mycelium Hardware Wallet

What is a Mycelium Hardware Wallet?

If you are thinking about buying bitcoin, you should explore and choose the best wallet. It helps you to store the bitcoins you purchase safely. In the cryptocurrency market, you will find different types of wallets. But, one of the oldest, best and popular bitcoin wallets is the mycelium wallet. It is exclusively design for mobile platforms, but you can use it on your PC and mobile as per your needs.

Mycelium is the industry-leading mobile software bitcoin wallet. This crypto wallet contains enterprise-level security and other features, making it more than a wallet. An experience team of professionals is behind Mycelium. So, you do not worry about anything upon using this wallet. Hundreds of thousands of users throughout the world use this wallet. If you are thinking about using this wallet, read the following section carefully.

Mycelium is one of the first wallets create and launched in the cryptocurrency world. This mobile-based wallet renders several types of accounts. It includes single address accounts, watch-only accounts, hierarchical deterministic, and hardware. It is a reliable platform used to store easily, transfer, and trade bitcoins. 

Since this wallet is open source, it renders a fast and secure connection to the bitcoin network. You can integrate Mycelium with other wallets as per your needs. It accepts the bitcoins such as BTC, USDC, ETH, HT, ZRX, and USDT. With the mycelium hardware wallet, you can store your coins easily and stay worry-free longer.

This wallet has a simpler user interface, and thus switching between accounts becomes easier. In addition, crypto users can add multiple payment addresses and view the transaction history. This wallet depends on a simplified payment verification technique. It helps the users to download the complete blockchain. It also has the best cold storage function to assist users in securing their funds until they wish to spend or transfer.

What are Features of Crypto Wallet?

Regardless of experienced and beginners, anyone can use the mycelium wallet. Look below to know the notable features of this wallet.

  • This crypto wallet enables you to store the crypto coins with the help of hardware such as Trezor.
  • The open-source module provides a secure authentication process rather than the password authentication process.
  • It accesses the master seed to derive the future bitcoin addresses for successfully restoring the wallet.
  • With the single address accounts, users will delete their private key from the device, and thus the wallet becomes inaccessible. So, the funds will be locked up. Importing the private keys back to their mobile is enough to gain access back to their account.
  • Mycelium is partnered with the Cashila. It lets the users pay bills in the European SEPA zone. By partnering with Glidera, it provides the platform for the users to purchase and sell bitcoins accessing the back account in the Canada and USA. 
  • Mycelium has its decentralized in-person exchange, which connects the users with one another and provides the facility of buying and selling bitcoin in a safe environment.

How to Use Mycelium?

Mycelium is bitcoin wallet app accessible for the Android and iOS. It is extremely easy to install and perfect for regular usage. This wallet application lets the users use the bitcoin payment network. You can send and receive bitcoins through this wallet, like sending and receiving emails. If you are a newbie and do not know how to use this crypto wallet, follow these steps carefully.

As said earlier, whether you are a beginner or experience cryptocurrency veteran, this wallet is a perfect fit for everyone. The user interface of the wallet is intuitively design, and thus it renders the seamless bitcoin management, trading, and storage experience. It also supports advance and sophisticate features to fulfill the growing needs of crypto users.


Being a mobile wallet, you can take it wherever you go without hesitation. It is highly convenient to use due to its enterprise-level security and integration of the hardware wallet. A mycelium crypto wallet will be a better choice whenever you plan to store a significant amount of crypto coins.

  • Wallet creation is the first step in accessing the wallet. You should download Mycelium wallet from iTunes or Google play according to your mobile. After installing the app, open it and choose the new wallet option. That’s enough! You can access the wallet right away. But follow other steps to ensure security.
  • You will see three squares in the top right corner. Click on it and choose a backup. Now, the screen displays 12words individually. Write it down on paper and keep it safe. Avoid taking screenshots because it increases the chance of hacking. Once you get access to your 12words, you can utilize your wallets and coins. 
  • Now, you should use the PIN code to keep your wallet from being utilized by others. You should enter the PIN code for every use and thus set it as per your convenience. To set up the PIN, go to menu -> settings -> set PIN code. Once you select the PIN code, remember it because you will not be able to use the bitcoins without the code. The seed is the only way to access the bitcoins upon losing the PIN. The seed is nothing but the 12 words you write down on the paper.
  • So, you can now send and receive the payments as per your needs. Under the balance tab, click receive or send button to make the desired transactions. Then, follow the prompt carefully and enter the required details. Usually, it takes a few minutes to complete any transaction.

What are the Benefits of Using Mycelium Crypto Wallet?

When using Mycelium Crypto Wallet , you will become qualify to grab the following benefits.

  • Access integrated marketplace 
  • Opt for the multiple types of accounts
  • Trade with the secure platform 
  • Carry the wallet where you go 
  • Simple to use interface 
  • Ease of sending and receiving payments 
What are the Privacy Features of Mycelium Wallet?

There is another Bitcoin wallet that is highly popular among privacy advocates: Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet, which is completely self-custodial and does not require any identity verification (such as a photo ID or home address). As well as being able to turn off all third-party services, Mycelium also supports the TOR network to mask IP addresses and locations. If privacy is a major concern to you, I suggest checking it out.

If you are thinking about buying bitcoin, you should explore and choose the best wallet. It helps you to store the bitcoins you purchase safely. In the cryptocurrency market, you will find different types of wallets. But, one of the oldest, best and popular bitcoin wallets is the mycelium wallet. It is exclusively designed for mobile platforms, but you can use it on your PC and mobile as per your needs.

Is It Use to Safe?


There has never been any incidents of infringement on users, scandals, or hacks associated with Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet, which is developed by a very well-respected company in the cryptocurrency market. Since their affiliation with Bitcoin caused them to be removed from the app store once in 2015, they were never removed from other stores.


We use blockchain encryption for all our wallet features (coin transfer and local trader). Coin transfer works directly with WAVES DEX, while Local Trader uses your private key to authenticate and ensure your anonymity.

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