BitPay is the trusted global payment service provider enabling individuals and businesses to send and receive in cryptos like Bitcoin. It renders a comprehensive suite of services and tools to facilitate convenient and secure crypto transactions. Users can use this platform to get the benefits of cryptos completely. As it integrates with traditional financial systems, it works seamlessly and offers the best solution for crypto users.

This app is considered legitimate and safe within the crypto industry. Since its inception, the app has built a strong reputation as the trusted and leading crypto payment processor. With robust measures, it protects user transactions and funds. Despite offering the best service, it lets the users confront specific issues. One of the commonly confronting troubles is BitPay App Not working. It makes users get tension, especially while making crypto transactions. 

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If you find yourself in such a critical situation, read this blog and use the tips mentioned here. It will save you from unwanted troubles easily. 

Step-by-Step Process To Fix The BitPay App Not Working

Whenever you find BitPay App Not working, you can do any of these things to fix the issues immediately. In many cases, these tips help sort out the issues and regain control of the BitPay app.

Check the internet connection BitPay app needs an uninterrupted internet connection to function correctly. Once you find out that the app is not working, you should first check your internet connection. Ensure you get a high-quality internet connection. If the device does not get enough internet, you must do the necessary things immediately.

Restart Your Device

Although the internet connection is good, you still confront the same issue. It is time to restart the device in which you use the BitPay app. Mainly, restarting the device fixes significant issues quickly. To restart the device, hold down the power button till you witness the power options menu. In that menu, select restart. That’s enough! Your device will restart and allow you to access the app properly.

Update BitPay App

The BitPay app is constantly updated to offer the best experience for the users. As long as you keep the latest and updated app, you do not confront any issues regarding the function and performance. If you confront an issue, check that your app is updated to the latest version. It will eliminate the hassles you face immediately. To update the app, you must open the Google play store or App Store based on the mobile you use. Then, search for BitPay and tap on the update button. 

Contact BitPay Support

Even after all the steps mentioned above, you still need help with the BitPay app. Without a second thought, you can contact BitPay support for help. The experienced and skilled professional will help analyze and fix the trouble quickly. To contact the support service, visit the BitPay website and tab on the contact us link. The customer support executive is available 24×7 to solve your query. So, you can contact them anytime and fulfill your requirements.

Tips to Avoid This Problem 

Use the following tips carefully to stay away from the issue of BitPay App Not working.

  • Create a secure password for your BitPay account by mixing lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers. It gives ultimate protection for your account.
  • Back up your wallet regularly to regain the app access if you lose a device or deactivate the account by mistake. Follow the instructions rendered by BitPay to back up your wallet.
  • You should be careful of phishing scams, i.e., texts and emails appearing to be from BitPay. Scammers use this trick to collect your personal information and BitPay password. Do not click any unwanted emails and text messages to avoid issues.
  • As mentioned earlier, you should keep updating BitPay because it includes security improvements and bug fixes. Additionally, it enhances the working of the app and guarantees smooth performance.

Pros and Cons

BitPay is the best payment processor dealing in cryptocurrency payments. It helps individuals and businesses to process payments. Like other apps, it has particular upsides and downsides. Check out the below to get an in-depth understanding of those things. 


  • BitPay is easier to sign up and set up. So, anyone can use this wallet to fulfill their needs. 
  • A friendly and intuitive user interface makes it more popular among the users 
  • It supports more than 16 cryptocurrencies and 100 wallets
  • The availability of third-party integration helps you to connect with other apps and services easily
  • It has coinbase integration for buying and selling cryptocurrency.
  • It has integrated with popular merchants, and thus, you can spend your cryptocurrency.


  • Limited customer support
  • Limited amount of accepted cryptos
  • Transaction fee ranges from 1-2%

BitPay is a trusted and user-friendly platform for purchasing, selling, and spending cryptos. It also renders the best way to get started with cryptocurrencies. It offers individuals and businesses an inexpensive and secure payment system. The advanced and secure features make this wallet more popular in crypto. Although it has many benefits, it also has negative aspects, such as high fees and limited crypto support.

However, whenever you find that your BitPay App Not working, you can contact the customer support service. The customer executive will provide you with the best solution and help you use the wallet properly. Or else, you can try the effective solutions mentioned above to fix the issue immediately. In many cases, you get wallet access upon using those solutions. If none is valid, go with the option of customer support.  Besides, it is recommended to follow the additional tips to secure your BitPay wallet. Constantly update the app and use a strong password to avoid potential issues. Overall, Bitpay is a solid and reliable choice for people searching for a simple way to purchase, sell and spend cryptos. While confronting the app not working, do not panic and use simple solutions.