Transfer Crypto From eToro To Coinbase

What Is eToro?

eToro is the ultimate multi-asset platform suitable for trading and investing in stocks. It is the leading social investment as well as multi-asset brokerage company located across the world. eToro has a massive selling point with low trading fees allowing more numbers of users. Social trading becomes quite easier through this platform. Copy Trading involves portfolio management services that are provided by eToro. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has authorized and regulates Copy trading. Transferring Cryptos such as BTC, ETH, ADA, SHIB, and others is quite easier from eToro To Coinbase. Many crypto investors have been using this opportunity to save their time in quick trading features. You can easily learn how to transfer crypto from eToro to Coinbase with the step-by-step process.

What Is Coinbase?

Coinbase is an amazing exchange platform used across the world for trading cryptos. Transferring the Cryptos such as BTC, ETH, ADA, SHIB, and others from eToro To Coinbase is also one of the convenient options. The process would be helpful or extensively save you more time for the transactions, even without any hassle. Sending the Crypto from your eToro Money crypto wallet is easier than external wallets such as Coinbase.

Follow the below steps for sending your cryptocurrency from the eToro Money app. Using your eToro Money app, transfer Crypto from the eToro to coinbase is quite easier. These are safer options for the user and can be easily accessed from anywhere, even without any hassle. eToro is especially a beginner-friendly crypto trading platform. It is a suitable option for crypto investors for easily buying and selling crypto with ease. Coinbase is also the best option for crypto buyers to buy, sell as well as swap the cryptos.

Steps To Transfer Crypto From eToro To Coinbase

Steps To Transfer Crypto From eToro To Coinbase

Sending the Cryptocurrency from the eToro to Coinbase also involves a lower transaction fee. You would be saving more money through the process. Below is the step-by-step process for transferring the Crypto From eToro To Coinbase

  1. Start logging into the eToro account
  2. Go to your portfolio
  3. See assets you like to withdraw
  4. Open up trade to buy
  5. You will have a coin on account when the trade is finished
  6. Click “edit trade”
  7. Click the “transfer to wallet” button
  8. Start the withdrawal process
  9. Confirm to withdraw the eToro wallet
  10. Click the “transfer” button to finish the withdrawal process
  11. Go to Coinbase
  12. log into your Coinbase account
  13. Click the “send/receive” button
  14. Pick your cryptocurrency
  15. Copy the address
  16. Go back to the eToro wallet app
  17. Click on the eToro wallet app
  18. Click on the coin
  19. Paste the address from Coinbase
  20. Write down the number of coins to send
  21. Click “send” to finish
  22. Process 2-step verification – either SMS or 2FA Google Authenticator
  23. Enter the code to verify yourself
  24. Click the ‘verify’ button
  25. Send money from the eToro trading account to Coinbase

In the eToro wallet, you will see different coins that you own. So you can conveniently choose them based on your requirement to withdraw even without any hassle. It is essential to double-check your deposit address before processing. You can click on the preferred cryptocurrency, and the list will show on the wallet.

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Normally, Transferring from your trading account to the eToro Money Crypto Wallet will be subject to about a 2% fee. These include a minimum of $1 minimum to a maximum fee of $100. The eToro supports more than 26 Cryptocurrencies, so they are suitable for investors and traders.

Pros and Cons of Transfering Crypto From eToro To Coinbase

Pros and Cons


  • Safer PayPal or bank funding
  • Easier to Choose from crypto, ETFs, stocks, as well as other options
  • Virtual Trading method available to test your strategies
  • Copy trading for the successful traders
  • No deposit fees


  • Limited support for wallet transfers
  • Higher than the average trading fees
  • Many Cryptocurrencies are not available in the US
  • Short trading is not available to US traders
  • Limited crypto choices


eToro lets the user easily deposit the fund automatically, even on a fixed schedule. These also differ from the “Auto Buy” feature in other exchanges. Normally, the eToro will not complete the purchase but only deposits the cryptos. Coinbase lets you easily withdraw the amount with secure methods. So it is best to transfer cryptos from eToro To Coinbase for safer withdrawal even without any hassle. Processing times for the crypto deposits would vary based on different types of crypto. Buying and selling crypto using the eToro proved to be quite intuitive.

These have easy-to-find buttons suitable for basic traders to deposit the cryptos anytime. Users can simply search for assets to select the limit order or eToro labels. It is essential to be aware of the transaction fee before making the process. Above step-by-step methods give you a brief understanding of transfer crypto from eToro To Coinbase.