Swap Coins on Crypto.com

Crypto swapping is the process for people to get digital currencies . Nowadays, many crypto exchange platforms have this feature to make trading hassle-free. You can perform it through the swap platform and crypto trading exchanges. Swap Coins on Crypto.com is the best way to exchange digital coins without fiat currency.  

Some crypto platforms don’t need an account to create for crypto swapping. It is the best way for people who don’t need to stay anonymous. Inbuilt swap features in crypto.com are powered by Defi Swap protocol, sushiswap protocol, and others. It enables the user to exchange all coins on different networks .  

If you have digital currencies, which do not live on the market, you can swap coins for another one . It helps to avoid paying transaction fees many times. In addition, swapping a small number of currencies offers more convenience for people. Continue reading the post to learn simple steps to exchange digital currencies on crypto.com.

Steps to Swap Coins on Crypto.com

Steps to Swap Coins on Crypto.com

In comparison to other platforms Crypto.com does not need KYC for swapping crypto. It makes the complete process of swapping digital currencies reliable. When you plan to swap digital coins. You should review important aspects like estimated network fee, exchange price, protocol, largest sold amount and others. Which you have to keep in mind when it comes to swap your coins on crypto.com. It will help you to swap tokens on the platform with easy pace.

The crypto.com claims high security. So, it is difficult to hack the platform. You can use the platform for swapping coins. Defi swap supports many blockchains such as polygon, Cronos beta, Ethereum, etc.

simple steps to Swap Coins on Crypto.com that help you simplify the process.

Step 1:- First, go to crypto.com and select the swap tab.

Step 2:- Accept that you are not a geo-restricted region citizen

Step 3:- Choose FROM network and coins to check the exchange cost of digital currencies.

Step 4:- Enter FROM or TO Cryptocurrencies amount and hit on swap option

Step 5:- Check swap pair, minimum received amount, network, and exchange cost.

Step 6:- Hit on confirm swap option

Step 7:- Then approve the transaction with two-factor authentication and passcode

Step 8:- Submit the swap coin transaction

Wait for a few minutes to confirm the swap. Go to the crypto wallet and check the new digital currency balance if the transaction is completed. You only need a mobile phone or desktop with an internet connection to swap coins. You can exchange tokens from anywhere around the globe through the best website..

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Note: if you need to pay an extra fee for coins swapping through 1inchV4. There is another advantage of swapping coins which includes a one time service fee waiver. Which provides you the benefits as per the need. Swap cost comes with the service fee that helps you save funds. The platform estimates the received money based on the adjusted price after deducting the service fee. The company offers consumers a one-time service fee waiver.

Why Should You Swap Coins on Crypto.com?

Why Should You Swap Coins on Crypto.com?

Swapping enables the user to exchange one coin for another with crypto.com. It offers many benefits for traders like convenience, affordable fees, time-saving, etc. . Crypto.com has a interface so users can access it without technical knowledge. You can Swap Coins on Crypto.com whenever you need them from your handset. The new digital currency will be received in your account within a short time. Traders have two options to exchange their digital coins with swaps such as

  1. Trading account
  2. Private keys crypto wallet

Swapping coins from the private key crypto wallet provides benefits for users. Such as non-custodial, on-chain trade settlement, and others. You can gain advantages like zero network fees and quick payment. When exchanging digital currencies from the trading account. Crypto.com is developed with cutting-edge technologies, eliminating the trouble with all systems and making the procedure easy. Let’s take a look at important reasons to choose crypto.com for swapping coins:

Variety of Digital Currencies 

One of the significant reasons to choose crypto.com for swapping coins is that. They support more than two hundred currencies. It includes Bitcoin, EOS, Polkadot, Cardano, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and much more. You can select the coin which you need during the swapping process. Some platforms send exchanged assets to the hardware crypto wallet, eliminating the theft risk.

Simple User Interface 

If you are new to crypto, you can choose crypto.com for digital currency exchange. Its interface enables you to exchange crypto within a few steps. The developer does not crush the user with complex charts and struggles to make the coin swapping procedure easy with other payment methods. 

No Extra Fee

There is no hidden fee on crypto.com. You can make the crypto swap without worrying about spending extra money. There is no price change from the start of your journey until the end. You pay what you see Crypto.com, every digital coin can be exchanged with another one without a conversion fee. Therefore, investors can swap coins many times without trouble and use the asset . An important reason to choose this method is that the trader does not want to transfer their coins from wallet to exchange to perform the crypto swap.

Coin’s Rate Remains the Same 

When exchanging and transferring digital currencies, the rate would not change. It covers the risk associates with cryptocurrency volatility, ensuring that the final exchange rate is the same as what you see when you start the transaction.


The company implements several layers of technical measures for secure transactions. Such as SSL certification, multi-factor authentication, and others. It enables the user to swap coins on crypto.com. Digital currencies are stored on the most excellent wallet in a single transaction that remains safe. The swap crypto is sent back to the wallet for higher protection.

You can contact the customer support team if you have doubts about the crypto swap. Crypto.com has technicians to provide an immediate solution to the user. 

Final Words 

Swap Coins on Crypto.com is a good option for a newbie to exchange digital currency. It enables the user to search and choose the coin for the swapping process. When users use crypto.com, don’t want to create an account. It offers a hassle-free coin swapping experience for traders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
How to Swap Bitcoin?

You can use the swapping service if you need to swap bitcoin for another digital coin. The best platform enables the user to immediately exchange BTC into another cryptocurrency. Like XRP, Ethereum, etc. Cryptocurrency swap services will send tokens or coins to the hardware crypto wallet .

What is the Conversion Fee Exactly?

Crypto.com charges a low fee from the user for all swaps. The conversion fee includes the transaction confirmation page with the network cost helps website maintenance and boosts the user experience.

How do You Access Transaction History?

If you are new to the crypto world and need to check the transaction history, you can follow the below-given steps.
1:- Go to primary navigation and choose transaction tap
2:- Click on the transaction option to view details
Those who cannot see Coinbase.com transaction history can contact the customer support team

Is It Possible to Swap Crypto Without Registering?

The user does not want to register on a digital currencies swap website to exchange coins for another. The crypto exchange is performed straight from crypto wallet to wallet. They don’t store by the digital currency platform.