How To Transfer Ethereum(ETH) From Binance To Trust Wallet

Steps To Transfer Ethereum(ETH) From Binance To Trust Wallet

Crypto traders always look for a reliable platform to store their cryptos because of the increasing crypto value and safety. Although traders use reliable exchanges like Binance to buy and store cryptos, they often seek the most secure option. This is where Trust Wallet comes in as the lifesaver. It helps the traders hold the cryptos in their hands.
Trust Wallet offers a secure and self-custodial wallet, which means users have full control of their account/wallet. They can keep their wallet safe using private keys. It lets them stay away from the hassles of losing their funds. Are you curious to know How To Transfer Ethereum(ETH) From Binance To Trust Wallet? Scroll down your eyes!

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Reasons to Move Crypto From Binance to Trust Wallet

Both and Binance app renders exchange users with custodial wallets. Users can store the cryptos they have purchased in this wallet. But, Binance holds the user’s wallet and private keys. This makes some users look for the safest option to keep their digital assets on their own. Trust wallet offers direct control for the users over their crypto and private keys to ensure the cryptos’ safety.

In simple words, when cryptos are stored with Binance, it is similar to being in cold storage. It renders a more secure solution where private keys are not made accessible online. Unfortunately, exchanges are the major target for hackers. It makes the crypto users find the safer handling of their assets in Trust Wallet. This wallet is a beginner-friendly solution for people wishing to store coins safely. It gives 100% control over a wide range of tokens and coins.

These things make crypto traders and individuals transfer crypto, such as ETH, from Binance to a Trust wallet.

Steps to Set Up Trust Wallet

If you do not have Trust Wallet to initiate the crypto transfer, you must follow these steps to get the wallet for a quick transaction.

  • Go to the Trust Wallet homepage
  • Tap on the download icon to get it on your device
  • Open the app and click Create a New wallet
  • Check the box and then tap Continue to accept the terms
  • Note down the recovery phrase and keep it safe
  • Click Continue
  • Re-enter the recovery phrase for verification
  • Tap continue to set up the wallet

Steps to Transfer ETH From Binance To Trust Wallet

Whenever you wish to Transfer Ethereum(ETH) From Binance To Trust Wallet, follow these steps carefully. It helps complete the crypto transfer quickly and easily.
Copy the Ethereum address in the Trust wallet for quick transfer; it is vital to copy the Ethereum address in the Trust wallet. For that, you should launch the Trust Wallet application on your device. Find ETH (Ethereum) under tokens and then tap on it. After that, click “receive.” Next, tap on the “copy” or share by clicking the “share” button.

1. Get into Binance

Now, it is time to log into your Binance account. In the site’s top right corner, click “wallet” -> “fiat and spot” or “funding wallet.” Choose “fiat and spot” if you have purchased ETH through spot trade or fiat currency. Upon buying ETH through P2P trade, tap on the funding wallet.

2. Locate ETH

As soon as you have selected fiat and spot or funding wallet, you will witness the search box in which type ETH. After finding ETH on the list, click on “withdraw.”

3. Paste ETH address

After clicking withdraw, you will land on the withdrawal window, where you paste the copied Trust Wallet address into the Address field. Next, choose the network as Ethereum. Enter the withdrawal amount in ETH in the respective field. Tap on “MAX” if you wish to send all ETH in your account to Trust Wallet. It is a quick step to perform the transfer immediately. That’s it! Finally, click withdraw button. A confirmation popup will now appear on the screen. You should check the network and address again. If everything is ok, click continue.

4. Input the verification code

Upon pressing continue, you will reach the security check page, where you enter OTP sent to your mobile or email. Enter that code in the corresponding field to transfer crypto. After security completion, you will see the withdrawal request submitted popup. Then, check the recent withdrawals section to confirm the transaction.

5. Check Trust Wallet

Usually, it takes 10 minutes to receive Ethereum on your Trust Wallet. So, after transferring crypto, wait for some time and then open the wallet to check the ETH balance.

Wrapping Up

Transferring ETH from Binance to Trust Wallet is a simple task. Follow the steps to Transfer Ethereum(ETH) From Binance To Trust Wallet mentioned above carefully. Make sure you choose the right network and ETH address to perform the transfer without any trouble. Check the withdrawal fee and minimum withdrawal before initiating the transaction. It renders peace of mind and helps complete the transaction easily.