Swap Crypto From Safepal Wallet

Tokens can be swap across many blockchains with SafePal Swap. The SafePal Swap service provides cheap and fast crypto swaps with low slippages as compared to other swap services. This article shows how to swap crypto from SafePal wallet.

What is a Safepal Wallet?

The Crypto Wallet launched in 2018 by Binance called SafePal is a hardware and software wallet that enables users to protect and grow their digital assets. SafePal was the first hardware wallet invested in and supported by Binance.

What are the Features of Safepal Wallet?

Features of Safepal Wallet

Here are some amazing features of the Safepal wallet that you need to know

  1. Authentication through QR codes must be completed for all transactions to ensure the security and receipt of funds. It is done through the Safepal mobile app. It may take some time for the pairing to be successful, as it may appear difficult at first. Once you are proficient with this wallet, you will be able to use it without any hassles.
  2. Wallets are becoming quite trendy nowadays and have the look of a smartphone because of their display screens. That are double the size of Trezor’s and even larger than Ledger Nano. This makes viewing your transactions and asset details quitey.
  3. To sign the transaction, the Safepal S1 has a camera on the backside. Since this wallet does not have any connectivity options, this camera is used to scan QR codes.
  4. Your wallet recovery seed is a random phrase that SafePal assigns to you when you set up your user account. You should write them down and save them offline.
  5. Customer service is available in a friendly and professional manner to answer questions. It is provide support for users. The average user has a positive review of their experience with the company. It seems that most user complaints revolve around delayed orders or not receiving their orders at all, especially on TrustPilot.

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Steps to Swap Crypto on Safepal S1 Wallet:

Swap Crypto on Safepal S1 Wallet

This blog will help you to swap crypto from Safepal wallet. We will share with you the simple process to swap and exchange your crypto assets on the Safepal wallet.

Step1:- Install the Safepal Wallet: The first step that you need to follow is to Install the Safepal wallet app on your mobile phone.

Step2:- Create a Safepal Wallet Account: Once you download the app, then you have to create an account and make sure that your information should be correct while creating the account.

Step3:- Create a Swap Order: Once you set up your account now you have to create a swap order on your wallet so go to the swap “button” and select the token that you want to swap on your wallet. Once you have chosen the token that you want to swap then click the “Next” tab.

Step4:- Sign the Swap Order: To sign the swap order, use your security password or fingerprint (if you enabled fingerprint payment for your SafePal software wallet). Secure the transaction with your SafePal S1 hardware wallet if you are using one. It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes for a swap order to complete depending on the blockchain traffic. Once the signing has been complete, please wait for the order to be process. Please wait during the actual swap process.

Step5:- Receive Swapped Crypto: In the right upper corner of the Swap page, you will see an order book icon where you can see all the Swap orders. Once a Swap order has been completed, you will see your crypto right inside the token balance.

These are the simple steps to be follow to Swap Crypto From Safepal Wallet.

Safepal Wallet Holder Offering:

An airdrop campaign designe only for wallet holders called a ‘wallet holder offering’ (WHO) was launch by SafePal. The project provided users of the SafePal software and hardware wallets with an opportunity to take part in a community airdrop. To avoid unfair token distributions to whales or cheaters. The project was aiming to develop a mechanism for token distribution. Soy, SFP token holders could take part in several different ways.

Participants were need to complete several tasks and requirements to qualify for an airdrop reward through the wallet holder offering (WHO). An ‘Earn to Learn’ program allowed users to earn crypto by interacting with new projects and learning about them. Also, SafePal only paid out into the wallets of users of their products who also held SFP tokens. This helps prevent scams.


Safepal is definitely one of the best wallets you can use for storing crypto assets. It’s a great tool for those looking to secure their crypto assets. It supports various assets and blockchains and offers yield farming opportunities through SafePal Earn. Users who want to protect their assets in cold storage can use the Hardware wallet to provide an extra layer of security. In the ideal scenario, it would use for long-term storage. Whereas the software wallet application would be use for daily interaction.

Besides this Safepal wallet. We’ve detailed how to swap cryptocurrency from the Safepal wallet, which would help you to swap or exchange your crypto assets. It is definitely worth trying this simple process to learn how to use Safepal S1 Hardware wallet with ease. But, you need to be careful when you follow this process so that you are able to swap crypto from Safepal Wallet so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Swap On Safepal?

You can exchange tokens using SafePal Cross-chain Swap without concern for the network on which it resides. The SafePal App allows you to create swap orders by selecting the token you want to swap for.

How Much Does Safepal Charge For Exchange?

Each swap order is charged a fee of 0.3% by Safepal.

Does Swapping Crypto Have Fees?

Generally, cryptocurrency exchanges calculate fees using a tiered structure that is calculated by the volume of your trading over a given period of time.

How Do I Withdraw Assets From The Safepal Wallet?

The steps are very easy, and we’ve shared the complete guide on how you can easily withdraw assets from Safepal wallet.

How Do I Withdraw Assets From The Safepal Wallet?

The steps are very easy, and we’ve shared the complete guide on how you can easily withdraw assets from Safepal wallet.

Can You Swap Crypto Between Wallets?

It is relatively simple and easy to send cryptocurrency from one wallet to another, and generally only requires two things: a cryptocurrency wallet with some coins, and a public key address. In Bitcoin, there need only be two parties involved in the transaction since it is a peer-to-peer network.