Send Bitcoin From Coin Cloud

Steps To Send Bitcoin From Coin Cloud

In recent times, the digital currency machine is the latest version of the kiosks. The coin cloud is one of the biggest growing networks of two-way crypto ATMs. This digital currency kiosk is located in more than a thousand-four hundred places all over the country. It allows the trader to buy and sell over forty cryptocurrencies with cash. More than sixty-five percent of two-way digital currency machines in the United States are Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATMs. Apart from that many transaction happens from Coin Cloud ATM which is excellent, but few people don’t know how to send Bitcoin from Coin Cloud, that you’ll get to know in this blog.

Bitcoin Cash. Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin are popular digital currencies in the Coin Cloud DCMs. In addition, the user can find famous DeFi tokens and meme coins such as SushiSwap, Uniswap, Shiba Inu Coin, Dogecoin, etc. . Coin Cloud has a free non-custodial digital currency wallet for mobile phones. It enables people to purchase any digital coins without trouble. Keep reading the article on how to send BTC from the coin cloud, why to use coin cloud ATMs, etc. 

If you are using the coin cloud for the first time and need to send bitcoin, you can follow the steps below. Here are clear instructions on how to send Bitcoin from coin Cloud. It will help the newbie to complete the process . 

Step 1:- Open Coin Cloud Wallet

Open Coin Cloud Wallet

If you have set up the wallet already, you will look for the wallet icon at the bottom of the screen. Click on the icon to see the crypto wallet and how many digital coins are in everyone. Pick the wallet you need to send BTC.

Step 2:- Click On The Send Option

Click On The Send Option

If you click the desired wallet, a new screen shows how much bitcoin you have. Below this, you can see send or receive BTC options. Scroll down to see the transaction history in the crypto wallet. Hit on the send button 

Step 3:- Select Amount

Select Amount

Now, you enter the wallet address you need to send the digital currency. Otherwise, you can paste the wallet address or scan the receiver’s QR code. After entering the recipient’s wallet address, they provide a keypad for entering the total amount of bitcoin you desire to send. If you need to calculate the maximum number of digital coins, you can use the Send Max option. Click on the continue option if you have the desired BTC amount.

Step 4:- Send Bitcoin

Send Bitcoin

Now, the transaction summary will display on the screen that will show the trader wallet address they are sending bitcoin. The total amount of BTC will be sent, wallet name, miner fees, and others. The miner fee can differ based on the transaction speed. If you need to send bitcoin faster, you must pay higher fees. There is also a custom speed option available for traders. All transactions will be sent to the blockchain and start the confirmation procedure. Once the transaction is completed, you will get the text message.

Why Choose Coin Cloud ATM?

Coin cloud ATM is like the banking automatic teller machine where you can deposit Crypto in Coin Cloud. But, this machine works with the digital currency wallet and does not connect with the bank account. It enables you to buy and sell cryptos with cash. Recently, you can find coin cloud ATMs in many places such as shopping malls, airports, coffee shops, etc. There are many reasons to use coin cloud atm. Let’s see some reasons:

  • Simple to use and Convenience: Coin cloud atm is a simple method to purchase and sell BTC and other digital coins. It has features, so the new trader can use this BTM to buy crypto without difficulty. Compared to other online exchanges, the transaction can be done faster on the coin cloud.
  • Privacy: Unlike the traditional ATM, you don’t want to share the banking details to access the coin cloud atm. If you trade more digital coins, you need a phone number and identity proof. 
  • High-security: The Coin cloud ATM works with a safe crypto wallet to secure the BTC. They have a feature to limit fraud so you can stay in peace while trading with the coin cloud. 
  • Offer support service: Coin cloud provides excellent live customer support service to help traders with their transactions. If you are new to the process, you will speak with the live support team and complete the procedure.

Get Customer Support For Coin Cloud ATM

Get Customer Support For Coin Cloud ATM

The Coin Cloud team is available 24/7/365 If you are facing issues while sending bitcoin from coin cloud, feel free to speak with a technician. The expert will immediately understand the customer’s problem and suggest the right solution. Also, you can text with Coin Cloud ATM Customer Support Advisor, if you need an accurate solution. 


In this blog, we’ve outlined clear instructions on how to send Bitcoin from your Coin Cloud wallet, making it a valuable resource for newcomers to the platform. Whether you’re using Coin Cloud for the first time or just need a refresher, our step-by-step guide simplifies the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Non Custodial Wallet Mean?

Third-party companies do not control non-custodial wallets. It means that you can use this wallet in any way you desire. Coin Cloud offers a private key for every user, like other non-custodial wallets. You can store a 12-word recovery phrase to access your coins even if you lose your wallet. 

Coin Cloud Requires How Many Confirmations For A Verified Transaction?

The coin cloud digital currency machine needs one confirmation to confirm the transaction. It is recorded on the blockchain and will send the progress message. With the help of the coin cloud wallet app, the trader will enjoy a smooth process whenever you send bitcoin. 

Is It Possible To Buy And Sell Crypto With A Debit Or Credit Card?

Of course, Coin Cloud Wallet allows the user to buy BTC with a debit or credit card . You can choose the digital coins and how much you desire to invest.