How to Fix Tranax Error Code 20010

What Is Tranax Error Code 20010?

A Tranax ATM machine may display different error codes depending on the state of the machine. Users might encounter Tranax Error Code 200010 as one of their most common errors.  This error code usually appears when the printer in the ATM is malfunctioning, preventing cash from being disbursed. In this blog, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to fix Tranax Error Code 20010.

Steps To Fix Tranax Error Code 20010

Steps To Fix Tranax Error Code 20010

Step 1: Check The Printer

First, check the printer for Tranax Error Code 20010. ATM machines have a lot of critical parts, including the printer, which can sometimes cause problems. It is important to ensure that the printer is working correctly and that there are no paper jams or obstructions. It is important to make sure the paper roll is loaded correctly and positioned properly.

Step 2: Reboot The ATM

Rebooting the Bitcoin ATM is the next step if the printer is working properly. The machine must turn off by disconnecting its power source. Make sure it’s plug back in after sitting for a few minutes. Reboot the machine after it has been turned on. To determine whether the error code has been resolved, try dispensing cash once the machine is back online.

Step 3: Clear Error Code

For the purpose of clearing error codes, you must navigate to the administrative menu of the ATM and locate the error code log. Error code 20010 should clear from the system by finding and erasing the code. Reboot the ATM again after clearing the error code and attempt to dispense cash again.

Step 4: Contact Technical Support

It may be necessary to contact technical support if none of the above steps resolve the issue. Contact Tranax’s technical support team, and provide them with the error code and the steps you have taken so far, so they can help you diagnose and fix any problems with your ATM machine. You can ask them for assistance in troubleshooting or for a technician to come and fix the issue.

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Steps To Reboot ATM To Fix Tranax Error Code 20010

Steps To Reboot ATM To Fix Tranax Error

Here Are The Steps To Reboot The ATM

  1. Find the terminal ID of the ATM by logging into the portal.
  2. You can view the dashboard of a terminal by clicking on its name in the left-hand list.
  3. On the “Actions” page, scroll down and click “Restart ATM”.
  4. If you want to restart the ATM now or schedule it will be restart in the future, click “Yes”.


Tranax Error Code 20010 is one of the most common problems ATM owners face. In this blog, I’ve outlined steps to troubleshoot and fix the issue to get your Bitcoin ATM machine up and running again in a short amount of time. In any situation where you are unsure of the steps to take when working with ATM machines, do not hesitate to consult a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Has My Bitcoin ATM Transaction Failed?

It is possible that some miners might reject your transaction if it has a low transaction fee (or isn’t assigned). An overloaded network results in a failed transaction due to a high number of rejections. Bitcoin Transaction confirmation issues with the receiver’s wallet: Sometimes you can see multiple nodes confirming your transaction, but the transaction still appears as unconfirmed.

Why Do Card Transactions Fail?

Invalid API calls, declined payments by card issuers, and blocked payments are possible reasons why credit card payments fail.

How Do I Reset My ATM Machine?

Steps you have to follow:-

  • Place the ATM card inside the machine’s slot.
  • After your card has been scanned, you will see several options on the ATM screen.
  • Choose ‘Forgot PIN’ from the menu.
  • Choose Reset PIN or any other option relevant to this situation.