How to Buy Bitcoin From Coinflip ATM

CoinFlip ATM provides a great way for you to exchange cryptocurrency based on the amount you want to exchange. You can exchange the cash for cryptocurrency by entering the mobile number along with it. The Coinflip ATM does not must any bank account, so you can buy Bitcoin from Coinflip ATM in less than a minute without having a bank account.

Simple Steps To Buy Bitcoin From Coinflip ATM

Bitcoin can be purchased with cash through CoinFlip, an ATM network that allows you to buy Bitcoins with cash. CoinFlip ATM makes it easy to buy Bitcoin:

Step1:- Find a CoinFlip ATM:

Use CoinFlip’s ATM locator to find a CoinFlip ATM near you.

Find a CoinFlip Bitcoin ATM

Step2:- Verify Your Identity:

At the ATM, select “Buy Bitcoin,” and the machine will prompt you to verify your identity by scanning your government-issued ID or passport.

Verify Your Identity

Step3:- Enter Your Bitcoin Wallet Address:

Enter your Bitcoin wallet address to which the Bitcoin will be sent.

Enter Your Bitcoin Wallet Address

Step4:- Insert Cash:

Insert the cash you want to use to buy Bitcoin. Depending on the current exchange rate and the amount of cash you insert, the machine will display how much Bitcoin you will receive.

Insert Cash

Step5:- Confirm Your Purchase:

Confirm the transaction and wait for the machine to process it. You will receive your Bitcoin in a few minutes at your wallet address.

Confirm Your Purchase

Step6:- Keep Your Receipt:

At the end of the transaction, the ATM will print out a receipt for you to keep. Keep it safe as proof of your buy.

Keep Your Receipt

Note that CoinFlip charges a fee for their services, which is around 6% of the transaction amount.

Ways To Deposit Crypto At Coinflip ATM

In addition to buying crypto on the platform’s site through Simplex, CoinFlip allows you to deposit crypto on coinflip atm with a credit card. Additionally, you can deposit paper cash at any Bitcoin ATM, as mentioned above. Crypto investment beginners can enjoy this since the ability to transfer money via wire transfer has not yet been implemented. As a result, CoinFlip will be opening an OTC desk in the near future and, according to information from Cryptowisser, wire transfers may be available then.

Coinflip ATM Fees

The CoinFlip Bitcoin ATM fee varies between 6.9-9.9% across all CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs. CoinFlip charges an more fee on top of the index-based spot price of a cryptocurrency, when you buy Bitcoin from Coinflip ATM. A discount code is deducted from the CoinFlip fee if the user is using a discount code. To reward miners for processing transactions, the Bitcoin blockchain charges a fluctuating network fee. This fee is not collected by CoinFlip and is send to the miners, who can use it to process transactions. Based on the network’s state at the time of the transaction, the fee can range from $1.99 to over $3.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Bitcoin Can I Buy At a Coinflip ATM?

Depending on which cryptocurrency you are purchasing and your CoinFlip account registration status, you can buy crypto for anywhere from $20 to $16,000 using a CoinFlip Bitcoin ATM.

How Much Is The Coinflip Bitcoin Purchase Fee?

For Bitcoin, the minimum purchase requirement is $20, whereas for other coins it is $5, with the first purchase starting at $5. Purchasing crypto through CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs can carry a transaction fee between 6.9% and 12.9%.

What Payment Methods Does Coinflip Accept?

There are a few different options for buying cryptocurrency with CoinFlip:

  • Cash – ATMs like CoinFlip let you buy cryptocurrency with cash quickly, easily, and securely.
  • Bank Transfer – They offer an over-the-counter trade desk where you can buy crypto online.
How Reliable Is Coinflip ATM?

Over 300,000 customers have used CoinFlip since 2015 and over 1 million transactions have been processed by CoinFlip. A 24/7 customer service department is always available to answer your questions.