Find Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase

Trust Wallets are considered to be beneficial any day over Kucoin. Coinbase and Binance since it gives full control to the user over the crypto assets. The user is given the private keys on creation of a wallet. An advantage of this is that your funds won’t be lost due to account suspension, regulatory issues and exchange hacks but there is a disadvantage to it as well. The complete security of the wallet along with stored crypto assets is in your hands. There is a way to keep the wallet safe and that is backing up recovery phrases. If you want to know more that How to Find Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase?, read on the details below.

What Is Recovery Phrase on Trust Wallet?

There are 2 keys that should be take care of while creating a wallet for the first time i.e. public key and private key. The public key is also called wallet address. Where is the private key is used for assessing the wallet and is meant to be Private always. Private key is made up of random numbers as well as letters. It has been introduce by many crypto wallets of encoding and decoding the private key. Whether recovery face that comprises 12 words. Made up of 12 words, the recovery phrase is the private key itself just in a form easily readable by humans. Crypto wallets have the ability of decoding and finding Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase recovery phrase in order to extract private keys that can further be use for accessing the wallet.

In other words, the recovery phrase of Trust wallet is nothing, just the key used for accessing the wallet. The most important thing that should be noted that there are no relate credentials like passwords, usernames, verification etc,. And the recovery phrase is only the way to access the wallet. And losing access to this twelve-word phrase means losing access to wallets as well as assets that are store in the wallet.

How To Find & Backup Your Recovery Phrase On Trust Wallet Quickly?

  1. Open the trust wallet app on your device.
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click on wallets
  4. Click on three dot icons present next to the wallet where you want the recovery phrase.
  5. Click on the option that says show recovery phrase.
  6. Check the option of I understand the risk and then further click on continue
  7. At last, click on the copy option in order to copy the recovery phase of Trust Wallet.

How To Find And Backup Recovery Phrase on Trust Wallet?

In order to find the recovery phrase for the trust wallet. It is important that you have already logged in to your wallet on the Trust Wallet application. In case your access to the wallet is lost. There is no way to Find Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase. But a detail guide for finding the recovery phase is list below:

Step 1: Open the trust wallet app on your device and go to settings.

Open the trust wallet app on your device and go to settings

Open the trust Wallet application on the device and go to the settings option. Which is present on the bottom right side of the screen.

Step 2: Click on wallets.

Click on wallets

On the settings tab there is an option of wallets that will display all the available wallets in your account.

Step 3: Click on Three dot Icons Present Next to the Wallet Where You Want the Recovery Phrase.

Find Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase

After you are able to see the entire list of wallets available. You will also see there are three dot icons present in front of every wallet. Select this icon in front of the wallet whose recovery phrase you want to copy.

Step 4: Click on the Option That Says Show Recovery Phrase.

Find Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase

After the next page opens up you will see an option of Show Secret Phrase that needs to be click.

Step 5: Check the Option Of I Understand the Risk and Then Further Click on Continue.

Check the Option Of I

Check the box of risk agreement and then click on the continue in order to see the twelve word recovery phrase.

Step 6: Click on The Copy Option in Order to Copy the Recovery Phase of Trust Wallet.

The last option is to click on the copy option. That will copy the Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase on the clipboard of your device.

Best Ways to Backup the Recovery Phrase

There are advantages as well as disadvantages after gaining the control of your wallet with a private key. Whoever has an access to the phrase has full access to the wallet and assets stored inside it. In any case if a person succeeds in finding the phrase of your wallet via phishing and other scams. Here you can have full access to it and all the crypto assets stored inside it. It is recommended to store the recovery phrase in a safe mode and avoid its sharing with anyone.

Some Ways That You Can Use To Backup The Recovery Phrase Our Listed Below:

Pen and Paper:- Everything on the internet always has a potential to get hack. In order to fully protect yourself is going offline. That means you can write down Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase on a piece of paper. And back it up somewhere in a safe place. The risk associated with this method is water damage, thieves, fires etc. You can keep this paper in a locker at the bank or a safe that can add extra protection. In order to go another level higher you can divide this phrase into two/three parts. You can store all of them at different locations.

Unsynced Note App:- The notes app which we all use for day to day. User can also be use for storing this recovery phrase. Unsync app should be use that does not backup it on the Internet in order to increase the security level. These days all the smartphones have these apps already installed in the phones. Not only this, some Notes apps also have an option of making notes protected with password. This method also has a risk associated with it that in any case if you lose your device. It gets damage the access to recovery phrase will be lost.

Password Manager:- Password Managers are use in phones in order to store passwords. These can be use for storing the recovery phrase as well in an encrypted version. It can be store on the local storage or on cloud and in both as well. However there have been cases where the encrypt version of data present on cloud got hack. So storing the recovery phrase with the password manager has also this risk associated with it.

Can Recovery Phrase be Changed?

Please note that the recovery phrase of your trust wallet can’t be change in any case. If you suspect that the recovery phase has got compromise. You have an option of creating another wallet on the same trust wallet app. You can transfer all the crypto assets from the previous wallet to the new wallet.

Creation of a new wallet will be follow by a new recovery phrase. That is you can use for accessing the wallet. As far as this recovery phrase is safe. all the assets that have been transfer will remain safe. You can also delete old wallets after transferring the assets into new.

Why isn’t the Recovery Phrase Working?

In case your recovery face isn’t working this means you are not entering it correct. Getting an error while importing the wallet with the help of recovery phrase means that the phrase entered is wrong. This can be match with the backup if the details entered are correct. If they match and the phrase does not work try to clear the cache of Trust Wallet. And the app can be install after uninstalling it again as well.


Since the trust wallet is a non-custodial one. There is no option to change the password or any details, unlike the centralized exchanges Coinbase, Binance, etc. Hence losing access to recovery phrases means losing access to the assets as well. We hope that you have got all the details necessary for understanding the search and backup of the recovery phrase. If you have any issue while finding Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase don’t worry. Here are the expert team to guide you steps by step and you can contact trust wallet customer support advisor.