Create Sub-Account In Safepal Wallet

A different array of wallets in the crypto market is available with stunning attributes. Crypto owners often rely on the wallet that brings maximum protection. The wallet is an important thing to store and manage digital currency in the proper place. If you are looking for the best wallet, you can switch to the Safepal wallet. Many users consider guidelines to create sub-account in the SafePal wallet. 

  1. It is the best way to store, manage and trade digital currency.
  2. You can handle every matter within Defi.
  3. With the advent of technology, you can access a guide that teaches simple steps to create an account in a wallet.
  4. The guide enables crypto users to understand the basics of creating a wallet, accessing tokens and coins via the app, and adding coins to the wallet. 

The sub-account feature is a major highlight in the Safepal wallet. If you wish to utilize this attribute, you must have a mnemonic phrase wallet. The sub-account wallet becomes unavailable when you use a private key wallet and observation mode. On the other hand, the sub-account supports Ethereum virtual machines. You can follow the instructions carefully to create a sub-account efficiently.

Step By Step Process To Create Sub Account in Safepal Wallet

Step:-1 Upgrade Your App

Upgrade Your App

You need to download or upgrade the app on the device. Safepal supports hardware and software wallets. One can access the Safepal app on the google play store or app store. Crypto users must keep the latest version of the app and enjoy the necessary features. 

After downloading or upgrading the app from the google play store or app store. Then, crypto owners open an app and create a wallet. You can follow the steps to create sub-account in SafePal wallet and set it up quickly. 

  • On the first page, you can choose to create a wallet.
  • You can move to the following page and choose next again.
  • The next page will allow users to set passwords for the Safepal app.
  • After successfully creating a password, you can create a pattern for additional security to digital currency.
  • Once creating a pattern and security password, users finish the process of setting up the wallet on the app. 
  • You can begin a safe pal journey once creating a software wallet.

Step:-2 Navigate To Sub Account Interface

Navigate To Sub Account Interface

If you want a sub-account, you must keep a mnemonic phrase wallet. Users always have accounts with Safepal and must upgrade them. After upgrading the app, you can move to the sub-account interface. On that screen, you can click on the wallet name. 

  • Afterward, you hit the three-dot button on the page.
  • Click on Create account option.
  • You can enter account details carefully.

Once you navigate to the sub-account feature in the upgraded app, you can add them perfectly. You can follow step-by-step instructions to add-account in the Safepal app. When you are on the sub-account page, you can input the sub-account name and click Create.

Step:-3 Add Sub-Account

Add Sub-Account

You can create a software wallet once again. During that scenario, a security password request appears. You can input the security password that is created for the app. Crypto owners must name their wallets and choose a number of mnemonic phrases they want to utilize. Users must name their wallet and set a mnemonic phrase. 

  • Now, the new software wallet creation is over.
  • You need to back up the mnemonic phrase by choosing the back up my phrase option.
  • You must agree to all relevant things.
  • After backing the mnemonic phrase successfully, a wallet is ready to utilize.
  • Crypto users view whether a wallet is created by choosing the address tab. 

Step:-4 Complete


After entering the name for the sub-account, you can receive a successful message. Crypto users add sub-account to Safepal securely without hassle. Safepal wallet never holds changing the sub-account name. Users must create sub-account in SafePal wallet for diverse purposes and discover new things.

Things To Carry Out After Adding A Sub-Account:

Create Sub-Account in Safepal Wallet

After sub-account creation, people focus on what things to handle with a Safepal wallet. Users must meet requirements to create a sub-account.

Move Asset To Wallet:

Users have a great chance to move assets to software wallet accounts. Ethereum is mandatory for sharing within the defi protocol. It requires a fee to verify the transaction. You can prefer any currency from the wallet coin management page.

If users select a currency, they send it to the desired wallet page. It gives complete details about transactions that happen within specific wallets. Users must choose to receive an option to send currency to their wallet. Crypto owners must input accurate wallet addresses in the relevant fields and send currency. 

Add Tokens Or Coins To Wallet:

Whether you don’t want to access digital currency, you can opt for sending and receiving other tokens and coins. You may also offer liquidity by utilizing other pairings for defi protocol. You must add them to the wallet coin management page. People add safe pal-supported tokens and coins to their wallets on that page.