If you carry out a Bitcoin (BTC) transaction with a considerably low fee, there is a possibility that it may get stuck for an extended period. BTC transactions go to a “mempool” after creation, where miners select the ones with the highest and Bitcoin transaction accelerators transaction fee, you contact customer care service click Here +1(800)-549-8416.

Therefore if the transaction fee is on the lower end, miners may pick up your transaction after a very long time. However, a simple solution to this issue is to use a Bitcoin transaction accelerator. 

Scroll through this article to know some of the best Bitcoin transaction accelerators.

List of the best Bitcoin transaction accelerators

Here are some of the best Bitcoin transaction accelerators that you as a crypto enthusiast should be aware of:

1:- BTC.com

This Bitcoin transaction accelerator is offered by one of the world’s biggest BTC mining pools – BTC.com. 

It assures a 75% chance of transaction confirmation within one hour and a 98% chance within four hours, irrespective of the chosen fee.

BTC.com does not provide any free service. But it offers a transparent overview of every fee before transaction acceleration. The fee charged depends on the current Bitcoin price and transaction size.

BTC.com accepts different payment methods for its service. This includes Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and several regional payment options for every country.

2:- ViaBTC

ViaBTC provides one of the oldest Bitcoin transaction accelerators and several other BTC blockchain tools. It is free to use, making it stand out from several other BTC transaction accelerators. 

But, it also provides a paid option best used for urgent transactions and those with a meager transaction fee. For the paid option, you must note that the fee you pay is directly linked to the size of the transaction you want to accelerate and the transaction done before it. 

Opting for ViaBTC’s free subscription will allow you to access 100 accelerations per hour. And through the paid option, you can access up to 1,000 transactions per hour at an additional charge of 0.0001 BTC/KB.

3:- 360 BTC Accelerator

360 Bitcoin Accelerator is free to use, and no paid options are available.

Unlike other Bitcoin transaction accelerators, which are operated by mining pools, this BTC accelerator re-broadcasts the transaction, making it more likely to get chosen by mining pools. However, it is less effective in comparison to several paid accelerators.

As per the web portal, this accelerator has helped speed up the confirmation of more than 1,000 BTC transactions ever since its launch. Also, the website states that this accelerator places no maximum limit on the size of a transaction.

4:- ConfirmTX

ConfirmTX is a simple yet revolutionary BTC transaction accelerator that assures transaction confirmation within 12 hours or less. 

It charges no fee to accelerate transactions that are under 250 bytes. For transactions over 250 bytes, ConfirmTX accelerates by charging a flat fee of $5. 

Similar to most Bitcoin transaction accelerators, ConfirmTX does not provide a refund if the confirmation of a transaction does not happen within 72 hours. But in such a scenario, it offers credit for a free acceleration in the future.

ConfirmTX states that transactions with a $0.50 fee must get confirmation within 12 hours, whereas it may take up to 72 hours for those with a lesser fee.

5:- BitAccelerate

BitAccelerate is a free BTC transaction accelerator that can re-broadcast Bitcoin transactions through 10 BTC nodes to lower confirmation time.

This accelerator does not record user data, and registration is also unnecessary. This makes it ideal for those willing to preserve their privacy. All you need to do is enter your transaction ID and select the accelerate button.

BitAccelerate suggests using its service to re-broadcast a transaction once every six hours until it gets a confirmation.

6:- BTC Nitro

BTC Nitro works by rebroadcasting your transaction across several global BTC’ nodes’ that place it back in the queue and then remind miners that it is ready to process. It offers a Standard and Premium service. 

The Premium service shortcuts the above-mentioned process as BTC Nitro automatically adds the transaction to the next block that its network partners mine. You can look forward to your first confirmation in one hour. However, this can take longer during busy periods. 

In the worst case, they assure transaction confirmation within 24 hours, or they will refund the entire fee. 

To accelerate a transaction, BTC Nitro charges a fee of $25, payable in BTC that they verify in seconds. Also, there is 24-hour money back guarantee facility in the Premium service.

Final Word

BTC transaction accelerators are a great platform for users to send Bitcoin and be assured that funds will arrive in a few hours. However, no one can say anything with absolute certainty regarding the future of these accelerators as new ways of receiving or sending BTC can come into effect. Thus, keeping this in mind, transaction accelerators’ users must adapt to market changes.