Transfer Crypto From Coinbase To Exodus

You can transfer crypto assets by copy and paste the wallet address in which you would like to receive it into the exchange. Where you would like to send it. Exodus wallet allows you to transfer crypto from Coinbase to Exodus by selecting the crypto and copy its receive address.

What is Coinbase Wallet?

Since its founding in 2012, Coinbase has been a popular cryptocurrency exchange for beginners. By volume, Coinbase is the tenth largest exchange in the world. Because of its interface, large selection, and low buy amount.

What is Exodus Wallet?

As the first desktop wallet to support shapeshift exchange. The Exodus wallet is a wallet that supports many digital currencies. Users can access and swap many coins via the wallet. Besides, the wallet was design for beginners who may have never used an exchange before. Portfolio builders will find it useful.

Steps to Transfer Crypto From Coinbase to Exodus:-

Steps to Transfer Crypto From Coinbase to Exodus

Here are few steps to be followed:-

Step1:- Install Exodus Wallet

If you have an account on Exodus wallet then move to the next step. If you don’t have an account on Install Exodus wallet then make sure to create your account.

Step2:- Select the Cryptocurrency

When you have created an account with Exodus wallet, you can search for cryptocurrency and add it to your wallet by typing it in your search bar. Once you’ve added the cryptocurrency then tap it.

Step3:- Copy the Address

There are two buttons on the right and left sides of the graph that enable you to view the graph of the cryptocurrency that you added.

Step4:- Sign in to Coinbase Wallet

It is now time for you to log in to your coinbase account. Enter your password and log in.

Step5:- Click on Send

In the top right corner of the Coinbase dashboard, you’ll find the send/receive button, located near the profile icon. Once you click it, you’ll be redirect to the Coinbase dashboard.

Step6:- Transfer Crypto from Coinbase to Exodus Wallet

As soon as you click on the send button, you must select the currency that you wish to send. Then enter the amount of cryptocurrency that you wish to send. Click on the send button after you have finished entering all information. As soon as you click on Send Now, you’ll be prompted to type the verification code. Type it, and click Confirm.

Step7:- Check your Exodus Wallet

Usually, the transaction takes a few seconds or minutes. It may take longer if there is a high level of congestion. Now visit your Exodus wallet and view your balance there. It’s that simple, your Coinbase crypto funds have been transferred to Exodus.

Tip:- Make sure while doing the transaction don’t do any mistakes, if you don’t know, watch the tutorial or read the blog. Still, if you face any problem you can contact customer support of the crypto wallet that you’re using, they’ll definitely help you.

Here are Some Features of Coinbase Wallet:-

Features of Coinbase Wallet

Cryptocurrencies of all types are accepted on Coinbase, a centralized exchange. It also has some features that we are going to discuss.

Hot Wallet:- It is possible for Coinbase Wallet users to store their cryptocurrencies on the Coinbase web wallet or in the Coinbase wallet. The Coinbase wallet is a standalone digital wallet that users can access from outside Coinbase.

Staking:- Staking six coins on the Coinbase wallet offers rewards of as much as five to six percent APR: ALGO, XTZ, ATOM, Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), and Ethereum (ETH).

Supports Hardware Wallet:- In addition to Ledger hardware crypto wallets, the Coinbase Wallet browser extension allows you to allow transactions using a physical wallet. This provides an more layer of security.

Here are Some Features of Exodus Crypto Wallet:-

Features of Exodus Crypto Wallet

Despite being primarily a distributed exchange, Exodus can be connected to a central exchange. Although it is a great option for crypto investors who want to buy/sell crypto.

Compound Financing:- You can earn an interest rate of around 3% by depositing DAI into something similar to a crypto savings account.

Hot Wallet:- Exodus Wallet is ranked as a top-notch crypto wallet, thanks to its free functionality and control over private keys.

Partnership With Trezor:- A Trezor Model T or Trezor One can be paire with Exodus by using the TrustZone app. A user can then move assets between a hardware wallet and an Exodus hot wallet by transferring assets between them. Furthermore, Exodus offers an interface for managing assets on a hardware wallet.

By following these simple steps you can transfer crypto from Coinbase to Exodus. You don’t need to hassle while doing transactions. It is very easy to transfer your Bitcoin or crypto from one wallet to another wallet. Hope you like this information.

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