How to Swap Bitcoin in Exodus Wallet

Have you got some bitcoins? Are you wondering about how to swap bitcoin in Exodus wallet? Well! Read this blog until the end to get the appropriate solution. Exodus Wallet is easy-to-use multi currency software wallet available for both desktop and mobile. So, crypto users can use it according to their requirements. 

The simple design of the wallet helps the users to manage their financial aspects . It also allows users to store and exchange cryptocurrencies as per their needs. This software is free to download on macOS and Windows. Besides, it has many exciting features, such as supporting more than 225 different crypto assets, integration of FTX crypto exchange, and 24×7 customer support.

Overview of Swapping Bitcoin in Exodus Wallet

Many users engage with the exodus wallet to store, exchange and manage their cryptocurrencies. The primary reason users’ access this wallet is the ease of swapping crypto assets. Yes! With the in-built exchange feature, it becomes possible to transfer any cryptocurrency in the wallet. Users are allowed to perform bitcoin transfers according to their needs without hesitation. 

Users can find the swap limits based on different factors. But, focus on the crypto assets’ liquidity and check the market condition of the bitcoin during the swap. You do not have any limitations on swapping bitcoin in the Exodus wallet. But, following the steps involved in the swapping process helps you to avoid potential troubles. 

Steps to Swap Bitcoin in Exodus Wallet

Even though you know many things about the exchange feature in Exodus wallet, you do not know how to Swap Bitcoin in Exodus Wallet. Well! Throw all your worries away because the following section will introduce several ways to swap . As a crypto user, you must pick up the right platform to swap the crypto assets . 

Steps to Swap Bitcoin on Desktop

Steps to Swap Bitcoin on Exodus Wallet

If you use Exodus wallet on your desktop, you must follow these steps to swap bitcoin .

  1. Open the Exodus wallet on your desktop and press the exchange icon. 
  2. Click on show/hide portfolios if you access many portfolios in the wallet. It showcases or hides the portfolios. When you choose a) show portfolios and b) select the portfolio for every asset in the exchange pair.
  3. Choose the asset that you wish to exchange using the drop-down menu. Here, you are going to swap bitcoin, so choose “bitcoin.”
  4. When you use many portfolios, select the portfolio for the asset you wish to swap. 
  5. Input the amount of bitcoin you wish to swap using any of these options – 1. Enter the value in bitcoin or fiat to choose the amount, 2. Pick up MIN to swap the minimum amount that exchange allow, 3. HALF to swap half of your bitcoin balance 4. ALL to swap all your bitcoin balances 
  6. Once you choose the amount of bitcoins to swap, look at the network fee to send the bitcoin to the wallet. If everything is ok, then press exchange.
  7. Make sure you do not close your wallet while seeing the “starting your exchange” screen. Or else your exchange will not complete initiating. 
  8. If you see “exchange in progress,” close the wallet if you wish. The bitcoin will reach your wallet shortly. 

Steps to Swap Bitcoin on Mobile

Steps to Swap Bitcoin on Mobile

Like a desktop, you can Swap Bitcoin in exodus Wallet using your mobile device. It helps you to perform the swapping whenever you want without confronting any hassles. 

  1. Open the Exodus wallet on your mobile and click on the exchange icon at the bottom.
  2. Choose the asset you want to swap on the top and receive on the bottom using the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the amount of bitcoin you wish to swap using any of the below-mentioned methods.
  4. MIN – Swap the minimum amount of coins the exchange will permit
  5. HALF – Exchange half of your crypto balance
  6. ALL – Exchange of your cryptocurrency balance
  7. Enter the exact amount of bitcoin or fiat currency to swap
  8. The screen will now show the network fee with the asset’s icon. Tap this to know the network fee for the asset you exchange.
  9. If you agree with the amount of crypto to send and receive in the exchange, tap “exchange now.” 
  10. Make sure you do not close your wallet while the screen is starting or not complete initiating. 
  11. Once the wallet displays an exchange in progress. You can close it because the bitcoin will arrive in your wallet quickly. 

Things to Consider About Swapping Bitcoin in the Exodus Wallet

It is mandatory to know certain essential things to swap bitcoin in the Exodus wallet. It renders you tons of benefits and makes the exchange hassle-free. Here are the vital aspects of bitcoin swapping.

  • While swapping or exchanging, the price of bitcoin plays a significant role. So, check the bitcoin’s price beforehand to ensure a trouble-free transaction.
  • Ensure whether you use mobile or desktop to swap bitcoin in Exodus wallet because you will find a few changes in the steps involved in swapping. 
  • You should have enough understanding about your portfolio and how much bitcoin you want to exchange crypto in exodus wallet
  • Pay attention to the network fees and other elements involved in bitcoin swapping. It assures peace of mind and completes the transaction.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How Many Times Can You Exchange Cryptos in the Exodus Wallet?

There is no limit to exchanging cryptocurrency assets in the Exodus wallet. The in-build exchange feature of the Exodus wallet helps you select the assets to exchange.

Is There Any Charge to Swap Bitcoin in the Exodus wallet?

No! You do not need to pay any fee for transferring bitcoin in the Exodus wallet.

Can I Contact Exodus Customer Support Advisor for Exchange?

Yes! Exodus support is always available to help their users. Ensure you find the order ID to view your exchange history. 

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