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Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin has been a popular investment for many people. There are some of people who left their password and account information behind and now they are worry about how to recover their Exodus wallets. Here is a solution that will help you to recover my Exodus wallet. So don’t worry, we will teach you the simple process. You can also reach our Support Team at +1(800)-658-5702.

What is the Exodus Wallet?

An easy-to-use multicurrency wallet that is aesthetically pleasing, well-design, and packed with numerous features such as the ability to stake assets directly within the wallet to earn passive income, and to exchange cryptocurrencies directly within its interface, Exodus wallet has generated a lot of buzz since its launch back in 2016. Along with it, Exodus wallet supports more than 140 crypto assets in their platform which is actually amazing.

Steps to Recover Exodus Wallet:

Using your 12-word secret recover my exodus wallet. You can regain access to your Exodus wallet if you lost access to your Exodus account. We will share some steps to recover your wallet.

  1. Install the Exodus Application: First, you have to download the app, if you already have the app it is okay and if you don’t have the app then do Install the app.
  2. Create a Backup: Once you download exodus Cryprto Wallet app then there is a button “backup” click on that button and create the backup
  3. Restart: Once you tap the button of backup, then Exodus will ask to restart. Click on the “restart” button
  4. 12 Words Phrase: Please type your 12-word phrase in order without capitalization, then click the right arrow to submit.

Once you’ve done all the process, After a few seconds, Exodus will open with a popup “All done!”. Click OK and wait for a few minutes while Exodus rescans the blockchains and displays your balances.

Then set a new password and make sure that you save your password for the future so that you’ll not face any problems related to your wallet. A lot of issues people are facing because they don’t have the passwords. That is why you have to make sure that you save your password.

What are the Features of Exodus Wallet?

Features of Exodus Wallet

Here are some amazing features of the Exodus wallet

Security:- Due to Exodus’s lack of custody of funds or the requirement for personal information for accounts, users are responsible for safely storing their cryptocurrency. Which is the most amazing feature of Exodus wallet.

Staking:- This wallet has a fantastic stake option. The staking of your cryptocurrency allows you to earn No matter which cryptocurrency you hold, it’s like an investment that returns a return on your investment. The Exodus wallet offers another incredible feature that you must learn about.

User Interface:- As for the user interface, it is actually amazing because it was designed specifically for beginners. Exodus wallet’s USP is its simplicity, so if you want to invest some money in cryptocurrency and are a beginner. This is the best platform to begin investing in cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion: Following these steps will help you recover my Exodus wallet while following this process make sure you don’t make any mistakes, as they can damage your wallet, so be careful when recovering your wallet. Despite the fact that these steps are very simple. Recovering your wallet is not as difficult as you think but still, people are not able to recover their wallets. That is why we’ve shared the process so that you can easily recover your Exodus wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Exodus Wallet Have A Recovery Phrase?

Using your 12-word recovery phrase, Exodus generates and ties all private keys. Your 12 word recovery phrase is the only way to restore your account if your device is lost or stolen.

What Happens If I Forgot My Recovery Phrase?

Losing your recovery phrase may prevent you from recouping your funds if you are unable to log into your wallet (for instance, because you lost your device or changed your PIN).

How Do I Recover My Wallet With A Recovery Phrase?

Wallets allow you to use a seed phrase by selecting the option to recover using a recovery phrase. The wallet will prompt you to enter your seed phrase in order to restore your wallet. In your wallet, you will have your crypto after you enter the seed phrase correctly.

How Long Does Exodus Take To Restore?

Exodus will restore your wallet within 5-10 minutes after you enter your password and it has been accepted. After your account has been restored, Exodus will confirm that your wallet has been restored.

Is It Possible To Recover Lost Crypto?

You can unlock a wallet and the crypto inside it using your seed phrase when you use a wallet. The backup recovery seed can be entered into your new wallet if you lose your wallet in order to regain access to your crypto assets.

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